Katja Lundén

Flamenco dancer, choreographer, pedagogue, born 1976


Katja Lundén Company has made a name for itself with its groundbreaking works, including Flamencosauna, Edvard Munch – The Dance of Life, La Máscara, AfterMachine and La Vida de Una Elefante. The group’s performances are characterised by a unique combination of flamenco, theatre, and music and dance styles ranging from rock to afro. The works have been very well received by the public and critics alike, and have successfully toured international dance and music festivals. 

“Lundén has a different take on the introverted style and knitted brows so typical of this art form. Her vigorous interpretation resonating from deep within openly engages the audience. The choreography elegantly disrupts conventional flamenco movement.” Kaleva  

“– – Lundén is one of Finland’s leading nuevo flamenco artists. She takes a creative approach to flamenco moves, but never lets go of the essentials.”  
Teatteri & tanssi  

La Máscara:  

“You cannot but fall in love with this work!” Helsingin Sanomat  

Edvard Munch – The Dance of Life:  

“Lundén’s choreographic style appeals to me – – The choreographer takes risks, but it is worth it.” Helsingin Sanomat